You have a tool within you can access anytime – your dreams.  Our dreams, properly understood tell us the truth about ourselves. Dream work in counseling and coaching is a wonderful resource. Dreams give us pictures – images of our inner mind and our deeper wisdom. I don’t interpret your dream. My job is to teach you to discover the meaning in your dream for yourself.  Insight from this process often comes very quickly and is enough to solve specific problems.

In addition to problem-solving, dream work is also a way of enriching and deepening your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your creative potential.  Your dreams can guide you as you develop your potential to its fullest.


June 20, 2017

It’s almost broad daylight when I walk my tiny greyhound, Ned, at 6am.  It seems just a short time ago, I was walking alone (too cold for Ned) in the pitch dark.  These early morning walks have become essential for my well-being.  I can really feel it when I don’t walk  – I feel off and unconnected with myself for the rest of the day.  I started walking for “exercise.”  What I was supposed to do as I got older to fight middle aged spread.  That wasn’t enough of an incentive for me.  Then I read the research about exercise staving off cognitive decline; that was a better incentive.  But as I’ve continued to walk my 40 or so minutes each weekday, I think it has done something more.  Walking grounds me, helps me remember I’m on the earth with other living things.  It helps me remember I’m a body, not just a mind.  Walking each morning, without earbuds piping in the news or music or a podcast, helps me relate to the world, watch the seasons, note the lengthening light in the spring and the diminishing light in the fall.  Most things get put back in perspective when I mull them over while walking.  Here we are at midsummer – after tomorrow, the light will again begin to shorten again….Let’s go watch.

Understanding Your Dreams: A Brief Introduction Saturday, October 7, 9am – 1pm at Millsaps College.  Cost: $45.00.  What are these images and stories that come in our sleep?  Do they mean anything?  Yes! If you want better self-understanding, better relationships and more inspiration and energy, come learn what your deeper wisdom is showing you in your dreams!  Contact Millsaps Community Enrichment here or call 601- 974-1130

Winter Dream Conference featuring Joyce Rockwood Hudson and Larry Maze, February 23 & 24, 2018.  St. James’ Episcopal Church, 3921 Oakridge Dr., Jackson, MS.  Cost: $85.00 – includes lunch.  More info to come…..registration opens in October.